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Parish boundaries

The Parish boundary currently stretches from Sleapford in the north down to the Wrekin golf club in the south and from Wellington Cricket Club in the west across to Wrekin College in the east.  To view an interactive map of the parish boundaries follow this link or to find our church visit ‘A Church Near You’ and click on ‘find us’.

In earlier times the parish covered a much greater area than it does today although, of course, there were far fewer houses and inhabitants. The Gentleman’s Magazine of 1758 writes:- “The Parish of Wellington is bounded on the east by that of Wombridge, on the west by Rockwardine, on the north by Longdon and High Ercall and on the south by Little Wenlock, being 6 miles at its greatest length and 3½ miles at its greatest breadth.”

Over the years there have been many changes to the parish boundary but it still stretches from under the Wrekin to Long Lane. In the mid 1880s the parish was divided and new parishes created for Holy Trinity, Hadley, in 1858, Christ Church in 1859,St. John’s, Lawley in 1867 and Ketley in 1880. With the coming of Telford New Town all the local ecclesiastical parishes have been changed, and are still under review, as a result areas of Leegomery have been transferred to Hadley parish. Telford Deanery was also created and All Saints transferred from Wrockwardine Deanery to the new Telford Deanery.

In 2005 the parish contained some 6,700 households with a population of nearly 14,500.