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Tyndale, our group for 13-18 year olds, meets every Sunday night from 7:30-9pm, usually in the Parish Centre.

Tyndale is a large age range, but it works well and the dynamic is good. The older members help the younger ones understand what it’s like to live as a teenager with Jesus. Many families are spread out now, with lots of kids only having one adult in their life, and Tyndale is a great way of finding a tribe for your kids. We share our weeks, talk about God, dig into the Bible, play games, watch films and pray for each other. Our aim is to respect and hold a space for our young people.

“Because when they are heard they feel respected, when they are seen they feel valued, when they receive kindness they feel cared for. And when others delight in their existence they will feel the very breath of God”.  (Contemplative Youth Ministry, Mark Yaconelli)

Where do we get our name from?…

T y n d a l e :

William Tyndale was an incredible guy who spent his life translating the Bible into English so normal people could read it. The church at the time were totally against this and eventually he was strangled and burned at the stake. He is one of the main reasons we can read our Bibles today.
We believe the Bible is the word of God, and it’s the best way to get to know Him and how to live as a Christian. The Bible underpins everything we do at Tyndale.

For more information about Tyndale and our other youth and children’s work, please contact our Youth and Children’s worker, Caroline Gwilliam

Caroline Gwilliam – Youth and Children’s worker

Or our Vicar, Tim Carter (01952 248897)