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APCM and PCC Jottings – April 2018

Thank you for all your prayers for APCM and PCC.  Here are some brief highlights.

Annual Meeting

This was an encouraging and hope filled evening, in which we reflected on what God has been doing with us over the last 12 months, and looked forward to what God has for us in the future.  If you would like to read the reflections that I shared, then do have a look for them on the parish website.

Our gratitude was expressed to those stepping down from various roles, and elections were held to fill vacancies:

Wardens: Ian Lawson and Paul Thompson

Deputy Wardens: Rachel Rouse, Fiona Wright, Tony Hulme, Barry Church

New PCC Members:  Richard Long and Mike Dixon (also Deanery Synod), Rose Kershaw, Lesley Stone, Pam Hill, Jon Powell, Nigel Meeson, Malcolm Wilson (St Catherine’s rep)


The PCC met on Monday night in order to begin the process of getting the new Action Groups up and running.  We discussed and agreed the terms of reference for these groups.  Their priority will be to work with the teams that they support to answer four questions:

  1. How is the vision of the church reflected in the workings of this area of church life?
  2. How can we celebrate what God is doing in this area of church life?
  3. What is the pathway for people to become involved in this area of church life?
  4. How are people trained to be part of this area of church life?

We also selected the Chairs of the Action Groups:

Mission and Discipleship: Liz Lawson

Prayer and Worship: Nigel Meeson

Pastoral Care and Hospitality: Rose Kershaw

Fabric, Finance, and HR: Ian Lawson

We are excited about the development of this opportunity for people to get actively involved in mission and ministry.  Our vision is that the Action Groups will be the engine room that will support the flourishing of all our congregations and teams.

Over the next month we are inviting people who feel a call to serve on one of the Action Groups to talk to me or one of the Chairs.  If you feel someone else would be good then please prompt them or suggest their name to one of us.  We are aiming to get the groups up and running by July.

What can you do?

  • Pray for the new Action Group Chairs as they get their heads round what they’ve signed up for.
  • Think and pray about who (include looking in the mirror) God is calling to be a member of an Action Group.

Please do feedback or ask any questions of the PCC members.

Every blessing,


Tim Carter