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Creativity Day – Part 2

Here are some more pieces of writing and artwork we did at the creativity day. If you want to have a look at the first part of this blog series, here it is: Creativity Day Part 1

Here is one of the images of the artwork that was produced.

And here are two more ‘Psalms consequences’, where we passed round the page and folded down our line so no one else could see. We like how they turned out!


Oh Lord, my God, I am abandoned to you, for you are all I need.

How I long to feel you here with me again.

You guide me when storms come so that I do not need to fear.

Worthless in the eyes of some, yet to you I am worth more than gold.


God you made me as I am, imperfect but made beautiful by your love.

Yet I don’t always understand.

How long, oh Lord?

How long will you wait?

How long until you come and redeem our world?

Blessed are those who know you.

In the joyful times you delight in sharing my happiness.