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New Wine


Over the last couple of weeks a few of us from All Saints went along to the New Wine summer festival. New Wine is an organisation that equips local churches to serve their communities and share the gospel of Jesus Christ, and every summer they host a ‘United’ gathering which brings together around 25,000 people over two weeks to worship, listen to teaching, relax and hang out in community with one another. A massive ‘city’ of tents and caravans takes shape and people settle into their home for the week, camped with their church.

New Wine has a massive variety of events and activities for every age, from the tiniest babies upwards. This year, some of our church worship leaders led the worship in Club One (12-13s) – ask Lucy, Dan and Nathan all about it! Apparently they had an amazing time.

At United 0-18s receive top-quality worship, teaching and ministry – and huge amounts of fun – through dedicated, age-appropriate groups led by some of the best kids’ and youth work practitioners on the planet! In addition to the kids’ groups, there is an under 5s family venue, other fun family activities as well as a stream of seminars for parents/carers on family life.

There is also support for adults and children with additional support through Access and Our Place. Our Place supports children to join in the main activities but also to provide a safe place when they need it.

For adults there is a varied and exciting programme of worship and seminars. Every morning and evening three main venues – all with slightly different ‘vibes’ – offer bible study, worship and teaching. In addition to that, there are loads of seminars to choose from on a range of subjects – from singleness to mission, apologetics to wholeness.

There are art and music workshops, and many different mission agencies are involved in the week. There is much to do and think on – but equally, there is never any pressure to ‘do’ anything. You are welcome to go to every single seminar and exhaust yourself and blow up your brain, and also welcome to lie on a sun-lounger with a cold drink and the best doughnuts in the world, letting it all go by. And if you’re not sure about all this Christian malarkey, there’s a session called ‘Just Looking’ every day where you can go and chat through some of your questions in a laid back no-pressure group with nice coffee.

A typical day at United looks something like this:

07.15-08.00 Early morning worship and Bible teaching
09.15-10.30 Morning celebrations and Bible teaching
11.15-12.15 Morning seminars
14.30-15.30 Early afternoon seminars
16.00-17.00 Late afternoon seminars
19.00-20.30 Evening celebrations with guest speakers
21.00 After hours entertainment including live music and comedy

The week does include a day off in the middle to have a bit of a breather and get off site for a bit!

In 2019, New Wine United will take place at the East of England Showground, in Peterborough. This is only just over 2 hours away from Wellington!

For those who really can’t imagine wanting to be stuck in a tent for a week, there are a few options. Around the showground there are plenty of hotels and B&Bs, or there are companies which rent caravans and camper vans – they’ll even set it up for you on site. This is obviously a more expensive option but can take the stress off it all!

Finally, it’s worth booking super soon! Before the end of August, adult places are only £145 – after that they will go up to £165 so get in now! Week 1 can also fill up quickly so it’s worth getting in there. If you’re not able to afford it in one fell swoop, you are able to reserve your place with a small deposit then pay bits of it as and when you like.

IN 2019 ALL SAINTS WILL BE GOING TO WEEK ONE – 27th JULY – 2nd AUGUST. You can book here on the New Wine site – make sure you book under All Saints, Telford! If you need a bit of help with booking or would like to be included on our group booking please talk to Tim or Liz Carter. (

Have a look at this video for a taster – and if you’re careful, you might spot someone you know towards the end…