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PCC Jottings – July 2017

PCC Jottings – July 2017

As promised at the Annual Parish meeting, we have revived PCC Jottings to keep people informed about the main items discussed at PCC meetings.

1) We had an update on the recruitment process for the Parish Mission Enabler.  We had eight applicants in total and are pleased to have three strong candidates to interview on Thursday 20th July.

2)  PCC reviewed the half-year financial position against the budget.  The income for the first half of the year is 0.7%  lower than budgeted, and the expenditure 2.4% higher than forecast.  If this pattern continues into the second half of the year we will have a deficit of about £10,000 rather than the budget deficit of £5,500.

In parallel with the “Time and Talents” sermon series in the Autumn it is planned to have opportunities for us to think about our stewardship and giving.

3) There was discussion of the process of deciding how the generous bequest made to the parish by Betty Shakeshaft should be spent.  This was to include consultation about how the 10% of this that we will give to mission initiatives outside the parish should be allocated.

The following process was agreed:

A notice is placed in the notices on July 16th and for the following two weeks,  encouraging prayerful consideration and inviting ideas for the use of the legacy to be submitted to the Wardens or chair of the mission committee by August 6th.

The suggestions made are collated and communicated to the congregations for comment by Sept 10th.

A summary of the feedback from the congregation is included in the PCC packs distributed on September 17th.  Decisions regarding the use of the legacy are made at the PCC meeting on September 25th

Feedback on the decision is included in the PCC Jottings from that meeting.

4) The proposals for a new audio system were fully considered.  Three options were brought to the PCC and the requirements that had been identified from the various user groups, the sound mapping exercise that had been carried out, and the visual appearance of the different speakers were all explored.  The PCC decided that its preference was for a system using speakers manufactured by NAN/Zsound.  The cost of this system will be approximately £22,000.   The next steps are to secure any required Faculty permissions and to decide on the best way of funding the purchase of the required equipment.

What can you do?

  • Continue to pray for the applicants and interview panel for the Parish Mission Enabler role, that we might be led by the Holy Spirit in our discernment.
  • Think and pray about your own giving to All Saints and St Catherine’s.
  • Think and pray about how we might use the bequest monies, and feedback your thoughts to the Wardens.

Please do feedback or ask any questions of the PCC members.

Every blessing,

Tim Carter