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PCC Jottings – March 2018


Thank you for all your prayers for PCC this week.  Here are some brief highlights of our conversations.

Leadership Structure

We had an encouraging and helpful discussion about the proposed new leadership structure for the parish, and the feedback that had been received from various people.

The basic structure of the Action Groups and their areas of work were approved, with some minor changes based on feedback received.   We discussed the best way for people to be appointed to these Action Groups, and what level of PCC representation is appropriate on the Action Groups.   We decided that:

a) Chairs of the Action Groups would be chosen from the new PCC after the Annual Church Meeting

b) The Vicar and Action Group Chairs would work together to run a call out process to identify people from across the life of the church who could be part of the Action Groups

c) Each Action Group would include at least two people from the PCC who are not on the Action Group by virtue of their role (eg Treasurer)

d) We are aiming to get the Action Groups formed by the end of July

We are excited about the development of this opportunity for people to get actively involved in mission and ministry.  Our vision is that the Action Groups will be the engine room that will support the flourishing of all our congregations and teams.

Parish Mission Enabler

We received a report detailing the progress made in the first six months of Nick Brooke’s time with us.   It was encouraging to read about the contacts that have been made, the number of people that Nick has been working with, and the plans for outreach including the Alpha course after Easter and the reinvigoration of Open Church.

Policies and Reports

We reviewed and approved appropriate Occasional Ministry, Safeguarding, Health and Safety, Data Protection reports and policies, and the Annual Accounts and Report that will come to the Annual Church Meeting

What can you do?

  • Think and pray about who you know that would make a good Chair of an Action Group (include looking in the mirror)
  • Invite them to stand for PCC
  • Think and pray about who (include looking in the mirror) God is calling to be a member of an Action Group.

Please do feedback or ask any questions of the PCC members.

Every blessing,