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Small Groups Summary

Last Monday the leaders of the Small Groups met at the Vicarage.  It was encouraging to share the stories of the mutual support and answered prayers that have been seen in the groups.

Lent Course

Generally people had found it helpful and engaging.  Some had appreciated the opportunity to experiment with different approaches to reading the Bible and others focussed on the joy of seeing different expressions of worship from around the world on the suggested online videos.  It was also fed back that it would be useful if in future material could be provided that was easier to trim for groups that don’t meet for as long.


We had opportunity to explore how members of the groups had felt about the different images that were shared at the Annual Parish Meeting.

The image of the church with the gold being poured into it seemed to be the one that people had found most engaging.  There was some lively debate around the strawberry plants, including someone pointing out that a wise gardener is proactive in deciding which runners to allow to grow and which ones to prune.  The abstract image of the meal at Bethany appears to have been more confusing than helpful, although it was agreed that the underlying ideas of service, worship and friendship with God are important.

Sermon Series suggestions included:

  • Series expanding on worship / service / friendship with God
  • The importance of including aspects that can be applied in our lives was emphasised
  • More teaching on the Holy Spirit
  • Thinking about Revival – some in the past have been “wine” – is the coming one to do with “bread” that is possibly come through the word and preaching, through social action – feeding the hungry, in unity – the bread unites.
  • 500th anniversary of the Reformation around November
  • A couple of years ago did something on other religions and what they believe which was helpful
  • Perhaps a focus on the persecuted church and the growth that often accompanies this.

Small Groups provide a great place for learning to follow Jesus together, for caring for each other, and for making friends.  If you would like to join a small group, please contact us.