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Surviving Soul Survivor

Caroline Knowles writes: Not really knowing why we volunteered to go, Martin and I arrived at Soul Survivor terrified of the whole situation. Camping, cooking, Tyndalers and the whole event!

Our fears were totally unfounded and we had an amazing time. The meetings were relevant and inspiring. The cooking went smoothly the sun shone and the Tyndalers were a fantastic group of young people who looked out and cared for each other, responded to all requests of help with a smile and were always ready for breakfast and back for curfew times. Tom and Cath were awesome leaders and it was great to see Lucie and Rich and Charlie again. Debbie Reck was our village leader and a real rock to lean on for everything from hot chocolate to what was happening next!

But most of all it was the Tyndalers who blew our socks off. We were proud to be a part of them for a week, a real credit to our church. Tyndale, we have a lot to learn from you…