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Shift church

Shift Church is a brand new community. We want to reach out to those who cannot attend church physically for any reason at all. You might be a shift worker, working long hours with little downtime and little chance to go to a church service. You might be struggling with young children, feeling like there is no time for you even if you can get to church. You might be chronically ill or disabled, housebound for long periods or permanently, feeling as if church passes you by.

During the pandemic we have been reaching people through our online services who usually can’t go to church, and we want to continue doing that, but to draw you together in community with one another and with God. We long to see a group of people who love coming together to think about readings from the Bible and discuss the talk from Sunday’s service, to pray together and listen to one another’s stories and struggles.

We lead it as a team on zoom, and you are free to join on Facebook live through our Facebook page, where you can join in on the comments, and we as a team will interact with you.

On this page you will find all the Shift Church sessions you can catch up on whenever you wish to, so grab a cup of coffee and be part of it. If you want to take part via podcast, search for Shift Church @ All Saints on your podcast provider.