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The Bevington Organ Restoration Project

Introduction to the Project

The impressive pipe organ in All Saints Parish Church, Wellington is almost 120 years old.  Organ experts have advised that the three-manual instrument is a fine example of the work of Bevington and Sons, renowned organ builders from London.  The Diocesan Organ Advisor has described the organ as “magnificent” and “of the highest quality craftsmanship”.

With little major work undertaken since its installation in its present position in 1903, the organ is now exhibiting many of the frailties of age.  Our fundraising campaign for a total restoration will allow it to continue providing an inspiring support to the music of worship for years to come.  Like all machines, an organ will wear, and become less responsive as it gets older.  To the untrained ear, it still sounds acceptable, but the Bevington organ is now in a fragile state.  The soundboards and action require complete restoration; the bellows need re-leathering; the pedalboard requires attention—and much more.  In short, the organ needs a major restoration.

This organ is still in regular use, is much appreciated and with a major restoration should be fit to provide faithful service for another 100 years.

We hope that the money raised – at All Saints and by fundraising into the wider community – will be sufficient to restore this historically significant instrument to its original condition.


How does the organ support the church’s work and the community of Wellington?

  • Regular weekly and Festival worship accompanying the music group and leading the congregation.
  • Civic services involving mayoral, council and carol services etc.
  • Weddings and funerals
  • Large scale events where a larger venue is required. The church holds approximately 400 people.
  • Concerts involving local choral/music groups Hadley Male Voice Choir, CAP benefit concerts etc.
  • A properly renovated and fully working instrument will give new possibilities for the teaching of young people to play the organ and thus to support the life of the church and the surrounding community, Wrekin College and the local secondary schools.
  • It will also give us the opportunity to organise regular lunch time concerts/recitals

What work needs to be done?

  • The 1500 or so pipes all need to be removed, cleaned and repaired.
  • The leatherwork on the bellows and wind trunks will be replaced to prevent leaks
  • The complex pneumatic systems and Victorian mechanics will all need to be checked and restored.
  • All this will take months of work for Nicholson’s of Malvern, our professional team of organ restorers who are tasked with completing the restoration project.

How much will it cost?

  • This work is estimated to cost approximately £156,000. This is a large sum (the organ contains many precision hand-made parts and pipes all of different sizes and designs. Just like the many members of All Saints, they all have their own role to play!)
  • Thanks to a generous legacy the Organ Restoration Fund already has £50,000 towards the total.
  • Work has already started to identify grant- giving trusts and organisations that may contribute.

How can I help?

What about an organ donation?

Three ways to give:

A. Pledge an amount for the church to redeem once the work has begun

B. Sponsor a Pipe, a Key, a Pedal or a Stop:

16ft ranks, the largest pipes giving the deepest bass tones – £200

8ft ranks, medium size pipes which provide the main foundation of the organ sound.  Some imitate flutes, clarinets, oboes, trumpets etc – £100

4ft ranks, provide clarity and sparkle! – £75

2ft ranks – £30

Key – £20

Pedal – £20

Stop – £20

C. Donate an amount towards the general restoration costs, online or by cheque.

Please complete the attached pledge/donation form and return to: Treasurer, All Saints Parish Centre, Lychgate Walk, Wellington. TF1 3HA.

For online giving please pay by direct debit bank transfer to: T.S.B. Wellington, 30-99-27. Account 00147720.