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Children’s groups

Children’s groups run on the first and third Sunday in the month at the moment. Don’t forget to check our Facebook page for any changes.


0-3 year olds – Sunday mornings, 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month.


4-8 year olds.  Sunday morning 10.30am.  1st and 3rd of the month

In Climbers we spend time dancing, playing games, hearing a bible story and often doing some craft related to that story. These kids change so quickly and they have huge imaginations. The ‘boffins’ call it divergent thinking. This is essential to creativity, and problem solving… there’s always another way to do something; they actually have the ability to rewrite what the future looks like. This is who God is, too, and we have it in us until we lose it when we try to fit the mould of this world. We believe we have space and time in church to dig for these beautiful gems in our kids.  We can encourage and build up and speak into children’s lives to help them become who they’re meant to be, effective, creative, inspiring, empathetic human beings.


9-13year olds. Sunday morning 10.30am.  1st and 3rd of the month

Our Pathfinders get a chance to learn the whole story of the Bible across the four years they’re in the group. Ask them biblical questions about events in the Bible and they’ll probably be able to tell you! When they’ve completed the course they get a certificate.

Whilst learning this knowledge the Pathfinders will learn who they are in God, who he sees when he looks their way, and why he loves them unconditionally.  Our aim is to hold that place that God has for them until they see it for themselves. Until they know they are loved by God and that they have gifts inside each of them that enrich the earth, and their very presence is a cause for celebration as they live grounded in God’s love.


13 -18 year olds – please see our Tyndale page

For more information about our youth and children’s work, please contact our Youth and Children’s worker, Caroline Gwilliam

Caroline Gwilliam – Youth and Children’s worker

Or our Vicar, Tim Carter (01952 248897)