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APCM 2020

This post will contain all the information from the annual meeting for 2020.

Arrangements for 2020 Annual Meetings.

The 2020 Annual Meetings will be held as blended physical and online meetings.   They will be on Thursday 22ndOctober at 7:30pm.     The physical meetings will take place in All Saints church building, and places can be booked by emailing the church office on, or by calling the office on 01952 248554.   People may attend virtually, either via internet or telephone line via Zoom:


Zoom Link

Meeting ID: 852 2883 0662

Passcode: 532972

Phone number:

0203 481 5240

Meeting ID: 852 2883 0662

Passcode: 532972

Votes and elections

Those who are present physically will vote in the normal way, via ballet papers.   

Those who are present electronically will be able to vote anonymously via the Zoom polling system.   Please note that this system only allows one vote per device, so people who are taking part on the same device will only have one vote between them.   Unfortunately this system does not have the facility for those who are taking part via telephone to take part in the votes.   

Meeting Papers

Meeting papers will be emailed out to everyone on the Electoral Roll in advance of the meeting.   Hard copies will be available at the meeting in the church building.    If you require hard copy to be posted to you, please inform the office by October 15th.   


There are a number of opportunities to serve the wider church opening up at this year’s meetings.   We are looking for 4 deputy wardens, 3 members of Deanery Synod, and 5 members of PCC.    We are looking for a new PCC Secretary and new Chairs for the Mission and Discipleship Action Group and for the Worship and Prayer Action Group.

Deputy Wardens

These roles are designed to assist and support the Church Wardens in their duties.   These include facilitating the smooth running of our Sunday services, having responsibility for the upkeep of the fabric of the buildings, and sharing the leadership of the church.   As part of this leadership aspect, holders of these posts are also on PCC.  

These roles would suit people who are welcoming, flexible, committed, and organised.   

Deanery Synod Members

The Deanery Synod meets three or four times a year to consider the way in which the wider church in Telford works together in mission.   Members are elected for three years.   In the coming three years, with significant strategic work being done on the shape of the Deanery, and deployment within it, the membership of Synod could be critical.   People elected to Deanery Synod also have a place on PCC.

These roles would suit strategic thinkers who have a vision for the wider vision of the church in the area.

PCC Members

PCC members are the key lay leaders of the church.   The PCC’s key responsibilities are to hold the vision, maintain oversight, and to connect together the different areas of church life.   They are also responsible for Safeguarding.     This year we looking for a new PCC Secretary and new Chairs for the Mission and Discipleship Action Group and for the Worship and Prayer Action Group.   These may be drawn from the current PCC membership, or from newly elected members.   

It is important that we have a diverse range of people on the PCC, from all our congregations and representing different life stages and backgrounds.  

If you are interested in standing for any of these posts, please contact the office for the relevant forms.   If you think someone else would be good in these roles, please suggest it to them.    Whatever you do, please pray for those considering answering God’s call to take up these responsibilities.   

Here are all the documents for the meeting:

APCM Agenda 22nd Oct 2020

Annual Meeting Minutes: 11.04.19

Annual Report 2019

Action Groups and other reports

Annual Vestry and AGM March 2020

APCM 2020 Reports – Prayer Ministry, Ignite and Tyndale

Full Accounts 2019 a

Full Accounts 2019 b

Full Accounts 2019 c

Notes for APCM on Accounts 2019

Parish Mission Enabler Report 2020

Profiles of nominees for vacant posts

More profiles of nominees for vacant posts

More profiles of nominees for vacant posts

More profiles of nominees for vacant posts

Retiring PCC members 2020

Trustees Report 2019

Vicar’s APCM Report

Revision of roll notice

Sign the electoral roll